Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010


There are many guys who like me, but why can't it be the one I like?

On June 10th...

You know whats annoying. When people think I'm made of money and assume I will pay for them when they are short. Sometimes its a dollar or two, here and there. But it adds up. The worst is when I never get paid back. RUDE!

What made it worst is that I invited a friend to go to a game with me a month ago, and told them the price for the ticket. Game is tomorrow and guess what they texted me? "I thought you were paying for me and I would pay you back"? Really? You know what they say when you assume? You say you have no money, yet the trash in your car says you always have money for fast food. Oh and that text was also code for (since they have "no money"), Im going to have to drive there AND pay for parking. RUDE!

Moral of the story people... Save your god damn money! and if someone is nice enough to pay when your short money, PAY THEM BACK ASAP! Dont make it a habit cus its RUDE!