Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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  1. So the computer Im using is all in Polish cus the kitchen staff changed the language settings andddd I cant change it back. Therefore, I have to comment instead of a new post.

    Today is the first day I did not get a free slurpee =(
    But I biked 2 miles with Katherine. Made it to Meltizer Parking and back BARELY with all the hills!!! I was proud that I finished tho. I proceeded to walk to the geese poop infested baseball field for an enormous game of Ultimate Frisbee. I learned to follow through (keep your wrist straight instead of bending it while throwing). Then collected balls for the softball toss. Fiona was hissed at by a goose and also called me Dani ALLLL DAY! Dont know why I didnt correct her but I hate being called that. I was exhausted!

    Evening activity was a movie, Bandslam. It was good so far but missed the ending cus Amanda fainted twice and I had to get the doctor, who turned out to be Hannah's mom lol. It was really scary, but she had heatstroke. I helped pass out fruit juice for the first time and heard the best sayings...

    Talia "I gave a half of my cookie to my friend".
    Counselor "But your not suppose to do that cus now she has one in a half cookies"
    Talia "Yea well its like Two in a half men. They dont need the other half but they still have it".

    Jen "want some milk"
    camper "eww no"
    Jen "Shes going to get Osteoporosis"

    Ooooh man how funny!! I also solved my first conflict between Madi and Lindsay and that was a good moment cus im not good in those situations.

    Thats pretty much it. ADIOS!!