Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dear Diary...

I don't like being stood up... twice... in two consecutive days. You made it up to me by still coming over last night, which I absolutely loved. But what happened? You said you would take me out tonight on our postponed date, but you blew me off. If you didn't want to go out, tell me. Don't ask me what I want to do, and then be like "it sounds like you don't want to go out". I don't put codes in my text messages. If I didn't want to go out, I would tell you straight up. I could have gone out to dinner with my mom and my sister, but I told them no because I was going out with you. I waited, and waited, and waited... for an hour. Nothing. You can't even text me back? I don't get it. Please, spare me this feeling next time.

Monday, December 13, 2010

What not to do on a date.

So I had a dinner date tonight, and I've been getting ready for it here and there for a few hours beforehand.
1) Did the dishes; so he wouldn't see a sink full of dishes.
2) Straightened up the shoes; so they didn't look messy.
3) Fixed the blankets and pillows on the couch; so it looked presentable.
4) Turn the lights on the x-mas tree; so it would look nice,
5) Cleaned off the stove top from food; if I gave him a house tour.
6) Made my bed, and fixed up the room for that house tour.
7) Did my hair, makeup (twice), and got dressed.
8) Spent 10 minutes, deciding which purse to use, and transferred all my stuff.
9) Put perfume on 15 minutes on before the date; so it wouldn't be too strong when we said hello.
10) I picked out my scarf and put it on top of everything; so it would be ready to grab.
11) Put my mittens in my pockets; so it could just grab my coat and put them on as I walk to the car.
12) Looked at the menu of the restaurant; so I knew what was cheap that I could order.
13) Waited patiently for him to come in the door.

Then I get a text, not asking where my house is, but postponing our date till tomorrow.
1) Take off outfit
2) Throw on sweats
3) Cry.


For future reference to any man. If you know you might not make it on time or at all, tell her right away! Not minutes before the date. All you have to do is say, "I just want to give you a heads up, it may not happen, but just in case..." Given it was a legit reason, but it would have been nice to stop at number 8.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Exams are BS.

Exams are cruel and unusual punishment. You want to know who excels at exams? People who are good at taking them. They don't measure knowledge of the class, only what someone memorizes last minute and regurgitates it back up on the exam. What about those who are not good test takers? We are the ones that are punished. We may know the material, but when it's in ABCD form, its like I'm looking at a game of Who Want's to be a Millionaire? and I wanna take my $200 and leave. Shouldn't a grade depend on what the student did all semester? I don't even remember what I ate for lunch yesterday, how will I remember what socialist created which theory and why? This is cruel and unusual punishment. It's hurting students, teachers, and our school system. We need a reform that significantly reduces the points an exam is worth. If a huge project was 100 points and took 3 weeks to do, that should be worth more points than a 70 question exam that I took in an hour in a half and is worth 200 points. Do the math. Doesn't seem right does it. Our school systems are academically abusing us.