Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dear Diary...

I don't like being stood up... twice... in two consecutive days. You made it up to me by still coming over last night, which I absolutely loved. But what happened? You said you would take me out tonight on our postponed date, but you blew me off. If you didn't want to go out, tell me. Don't ask me what I want to do, and then be like "it sounds like you don't want to go out". I don't put codes in my text messages. If I didn't want to go out, I would tell you straight up. I could have gone out to dinner with my mom and my sister, but I told them no because I was going out with you. I waited, and waited, and waited... for an hour. Nothing. You can't even text me back? I don't get it. Please, spare me this feeling next time.

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