Monday, June 13, 2011

Im still annoyed

You are mad at me because you made up some imaginary relationship between and my friend who is actually in a relationship with my sister. Homie, if your going to be that jealous you need to check yo self. Every guy I talk to doesn't mean I'm dating them. This stupid thing is that him being in a relationship meant nothing to you, in fact, I don't know why that doesn't affect anyone else. Im sorry but if I was flirting with some guy and he said he had a girlfriend, I'd back off and apologize. Nope, not my friends, not the people I know. They see that as an obstacle that needs to be won apparently. You could have avoided this entire situation if you didn't make stuff up and try to make something out of nothing. All I wanted to do was drink and watch basketball. But nooooooo... you had to come in and be all pissy. You said you wanted to date around and not get serious. How do you expect to do that when you seem to only want me?

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